What are the considerations for custom wedding dresses

&Nbsp;   many brides are now choosing to order wedding dress 2011 bridal evening gown modeling, different size and different brides how to choose, then you know what are the considerations for custom wedding dresses you? before going to custom-made wedding dresses in the best detail, so as to avoid trouble. Amen Visual Wuxi xiaobian given us about wedding photography!

     custom wedding dresses and the best time to buy accessories

     customized wedding dress 3 months in advance

     according to the time, place and degree of formality of the wedding, 3 months ago at least one piece for your wedding, ask store offers, no change fees, try date and other related issues, customize.

    2 try a month ago paired custom wedding dresses, buy jewelry

     1, 2 months after the custom wedding dress, try on for the first time. With the right lingerie, and your wedding day shoes worn by the same height heel, then tried on dresses, so feel unhappy or uncomfortable about, allows designers to modify.

second time custom wedding dresses     1 month ago

     a second time, usually the last modification. You have to bring your wedding day shoes in order to modify the skirt.

      custom-made wedding dresses and eight surrounding what should be?

       height: height of net height without shoes.

       weight: net weight.

     shoe  : the wedding dress or gown that day wear high shoes. The vertical height of the heel to the ground.

     chest   Wai: chest high level for a week.

     waist   circumference: recess at the waist, with a soft measuring tape level measurement for a week.

     hip   Wai: hip most skip parts, use a soft tape measure level measurement for a week.

     neck   around: using a soft measuring tape measuring neck a week.

     width of the shoulders: shoulder around the shoulder with a soft measuring tape level measurement for a week.

     custom-made wedding dresses: choose style

     first of all, have to choose the kind of clothing you like to shop. Classic style is a good choice, because the custom wedding dress needs forever, classic to stand the test of time. After the chosen style, to pay attention to the details of the wedding design, if not satisfied with some parts, you can communicate with bridal shop, make appropriate changes in the allowed range. Does not advocate the samples made too many changes, because too much change may be changing the type of wedding dress. After all the problems good communication, measurements need to inform staff when their wedding day wedding shoes height and matching underwear styles, so that staff have a good wedding dress size reserved space.

     fish bone, the more, the better? mistake! mistake! mistake!

     "number of fish bone is provided, go with style, definitely not more is better!" According to insiders, the fish bone in 6-8 about a wedding, some styles may have 12-14, this figure is after many years of experience in the industry came to the conclusion that "fish bones many uncomfortable, bone less fish can't afford the Princess line. If the wedding dress is only 4 fish bone, it would have to be of questionable quality, but if a wedding dress to say you are 16, 18 fish bone, then you should consider wearing it the more difficult issues of the day. ”

     fish bones, also known as the shark's bone, named for it's original material. Wedding dress now retained the name of fish bones, but they changed the material. Fish bone is now a special plastic material, its very fine texture, flexibility, toughness, ability to fold back and so on, are considering a fish bone material is an important criterion for good, to do a wedding dress, also look at both ends of the ground round, will to the bride's skin, and so on. Some cheap wedding dresses Princess line wire, way below the security, and complex stretch of wire is not, once after bending to back trouble.


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