When in the selection of new people should pay attention to what

&Nbsp;    should pay attention to what new people in the selection? the wedding is very important for newcomers, takes a lot of effort to shoot wedding pictures, selection of films, photo selection techniques must be mastered, wedding photos how to choose? Amen Visual Wuxi small tell you wedding selection wedding photography techniques. Avoid wedding photo studio "selection trap", wide range of reading large amounts of information to prevent deception. Photo selection tips, new people selected should pay attention to what?

     for photos and selected notes, we get the following:

     first select make sure not in General, don't be put,

     a second time from the same background, select few, equally great attractions, a view not choose too much. Choose the zoom in photos, and list of photos, and determines whether to frame the Crystal room, room and so on related factors

     and then delete, if you don't want to spend, that is to vigorously. Photos Studio now also through external charging, if you like, recommends buying, after all, that is the Studio took extra to ensure customer satisfaction, to make sure you have more choices.

     proposes you to zoom in and look at the sample and a photo album idea requirements

     because before the made into the finished product, you will once again see the design on the computers, and you don't mention, express their ideas as much as possible requirements, and may be a third final.

     wedding photo selection tips: selection process

    1. selection prior to budget

     a lot of newcomers don't like the budget, considers it unnecessary, when the time comes to flower or to pay. Everyone knows that there's always a mountain higher than another, there is always something better. A budget is the basic premise of satisfaction in your away from temptation.

    2. find a friend to accompany

     selection is highly concentrated work, find one or two experienced and friends of taste, can be given when you dizzy "clean" proposal. But too many friends, or gossiping, easily interfere with good judgment.

    3. quick overview

     When you get the pictures, quick glance, roughly the number of photos and an idea. Don't stay too long in any photo.

     selection problems when:

    1. the selection process normally takes 2-3 hours or longer, selected are not getting too much, or there may instead result in indecision.

    2. quickly view all photos, not to stay too long or discussion, know how many pictures and photos and let the end of one.

    3. photographers election first round, filter out picture of imperfection or blemish, begin their selection of films.

    4. selection is complete, remember that signature behind in porn don't dispute, spotting oil for later use erase to first not binding, check all photos before binding.

    5. don't show like appearance, who wish to add, you can stand without a budget, will again be the family complaining about waste, prices must be pressure to a minimum.

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