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Wedding Deluxe package

Wedding Deluxe package

Package price: 12880  

     professional digital SLR 23 million pixel Canon 5D2 {increase} three lens

     makeup 9 group

     costume   offers bridal shoot day designer wedding dress 8

     offers designer wedding dress groom shot the day 8

     and couples costumes 1

     film sent   (intensive 80 list)

    18 inch Italy glass crystal album a 14P    45 into the book

    16 inch Italy glass crystal album a 14P    35 into the book

    12 inch Italy glass crystal album a    9P   20 into the book

    60 in Versailles

    40 in exquisite Louvre box one

    30 inch Korea Crystal

    20-inch classic European-style box

    12 two inch diamond crystal box

    10-inch white romance

    12-inch ivory Crystal

     round diamond crystal box

     gift: 60-inch adhesive-bonded cloth poster     luxury MV a

     gift: tailor-made wedding dress a    windmill of love    love the Rubik's cube of a   24 a   18-inch inch ivory Crystal box drawing boxes


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